Behind the Apron...

is a new photo and video series that will be launching in 2018. "Behind the Apron" takes an intimate look behind the scenes and into the lives of those creating our food; beyond the tablecloths, reservations and reviews to the stories of those who run this world.

Each gourmand will be an active member of the culinary world- restauranteurs, cafe owners, chefs, bakers, wine connoisseurs and farmers- those who have devoted their lives and fervor to cuisine and drink in both the local and international scenes. This series will provide an illuminating view through interviews, photo stories and short films; The Art of Lost will spotlight the stories, strifes, motivations and profundities behind those who have dedicated their life to our universal language- food. Join me as I take you, behind the apron.


"Food is our common ground, a universal experience." - James Beard


Stay tuned. Here are some of the interviews coming up next on the menu:

  • Daniel Asher, of River and Woods Restaurant, Boulder, CO.
  • Adrian Miller, soul food scholar and James Beard Award Winning Author of  "Soul Food: The Surprising Story of an American Cuisine, One Plate at a Time." 
  • Hosea Rosenberg, Top Chef Season 5 Winner and owner of Blackbelly Market and Santo.