Nisa Sedaghat grew up with a mixed Persian/European background giving way to her nomadic nature and insatiable quest to “try all the things” in the global food world. She has worked as a writer, creative consultant and editor for contemporary art magazines in Italy, art curators, luxury travel companies and food publications in the US, and as a copywriter for brands like Ray-Ban and Red Bull in Italy. She holds a B.S. in Global Business, a Master's in Photography and Visual Design and one in Creative Advertising.

She’s been to 24 countries and has yet to miss a flight—except when she in the love with the locals in Cambodia and chose to stay. She speaks six languages and while Italian is her current favorite—she is partial to sarcasm. Known by loved ones as a “bottomless pit,” one of her proudest accomplishments was living in and eating her way through Italy for several years as a celiac.

The following is a selection of some of the short and long form features and editorials she's written in the last two years. You may find more tales some of her global wanderings under "the journal." 

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