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hey. I'm Nisa. photographer, writer, journalist.

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 I shoot, scavenge, create and curate written and visual narratives for the travel hungry, culinary curious, culturally inclined, and all the nomadic minds.


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I was brought on to establish and refine the brand voice for the Beautiful Destinations brand, speaking to an audience of 20+ million daily across its channels, including my favorite, Beautiful Cuisines. You may find some examples of the social captions below and discover the ways that we created mini, digestible travel, dining, and destination guides.

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Stories — they’re written everywhere. On the soft paper of dusty books, in songs, photographs, and old cookbooks and recipes. But they are also inscribed in the wrinkles, freckles, and lines of the hands whose narrative they tell. In the tranquility of kitchen just stirring in the early grey hours of the morning — within the ancient magic of Modena’s walls — the hands of two generations come together to fold their stories into the pleats of fresh tortellini pasta. What stories do your hands tell — inside the kitchen or outside of it? 


Beloved traveler, chef, writer, and global friend, Anthony Bourdain wisely once said, “Food may not be the answer to world peace, but it’s a start,” — understanding it is a start. It’s an innate language we all speak, a culture we all are a part of, and a tapestry into which we are all woven. Every day, the food we eat has a story — who made it, where it originated from, who grew it, who cooked it. Take this colorful salad created by food blogger and Los Angeles native, John Kanell. Its greens were sourced from a state farm in the United States, its chalky, buttery slivers of persimmon hailing from across the Pacific in Japan, and the ruby gem seeds of pomegranate originating from a region much further — the colorful lands of Iran and the sloping peaks of the Himalayas. We are blessed with such diversity in our food because of the brave who ventured past the lines, walls, and hills of their own lands to share with others the fruits of their country. The immigrants, the farmers, the sailors, the scavengers, the curious, the fearless. Some food for thought: Today, we encourage you to dive deeper into your next meal, ask these questions, understand the stories, learn something new. Many of us are a melting pot of cultures, and so wonderfully fortunate are we that so are our meals. 

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