Morning Cappuccino at the Historic Fratelli Klainguti Cafe - Genova, Italy

Genova, Italy

Coffee. Cafe. Espresso. Cappuccino. Latte. Machiatto. Frappuccino. Whatever your choice of "-ino" or other caffeine vessel, something the majority of us can agree on is that we all need a lil' cafe to start the day.

Luckily for us, while wandering the old part of the city in Genoa, in the early and still a bit frigid hours of the day, we were able to find this historic and quite elegantly beautiful coffee house.

Fratelli Klainguti has been serving loyal local patrons and travelers alike, since 1828- something the beautiful, old German-eshce lettering of their facade proudly exhibits.

The cafe is quaint, and seemingly noncommittal from the outside, but the inside boasts an impressive and quite extravagant interior. It's definitely a surprise coming off from the small, grey, corridor streets; lined with neon-signs even in the earlier hours of the day. It definitely feels like you've stepped back a few centuries when you enter- exuding a Marie Antoinette styled glamour.

After the early 2 hour train ride from Milan, we needed another cup of caffeine to get us going and out of our cranky, early hours mood.

We both ordered soy cappuccinos from the friendly, warm-smiled staff. I must say it was definitely in my top 10 cappuccinos I've had in Italy, (this may not seem that exciting, but considering what a coffee-a-holic I am, and how many cafes I've enjoyed, it's not a bad ranking).

One little test I like to do now, (after one of my best friends told me of this tip from her Italian father), is to test how "good" of a cappuccino it is, by dumping the sugar heavily right in the middle of the foam. A properly and well made cappuccino will hold the sugar in place in its foam, while a poor one will let it fall through the center to the bottom of the cup. Needless to say- this cappuccino passed! Mmh coffee.

Klainguti also boasted a selection of beautiful gelato, pastries and typical Italian primi ("first course") plates for lunch. We just stopped for coffee, but did hear from the locals that the pastries are fantastic!

Some locals enjoy a smoke after their morning cafe.

Some locals enjoy a smoke after their morning cafe.

The beautiful and quite stunning interior of the bar of Klainguti's.

The beautiful and quite stunning interior of the bar of Klainguti's.

I definitely recommend stopping for a pastry and cappuccino, or an Aperol Spritz, ;) whatever your morning poison is, before wandering the streets of this eclectic city.

After our morning pause and caffeine rejuvenation, it was on to some wandering and site seeing.

Fratelli Klainguti

Fratelli Klainguti is located at Piazza Di Soziglia 98, Genoa, Italy

Open: Monday - Saturday 'till 3:30 pm.