Saturday's Sugar High - Milano's Salon du Chocolat 2016

Milan, Italy

There's an exciting buzz and waft of cocoa, as I enter Milan's 2016 Salon du Chocolat. I can hear songs from Tim Burton's Willy Wonka chiming somewhere in the background and smile to myself as I hand my ticket to the suited gentleman. 

"Divertiti," ("Have fun,") he smiles and winks, moving aside so I can join the madness. Oh, I will

The expo is filled with families, couples, buyers and chocolate fanatics young and old-  all bustling down the isles in an excited frenzy that can only be magnified by the sugar high I am sure to experience in a matter of minutes. 

I spent the afternoon talking with various venders, sampling chocolate covered sugared orange peels, Nutella creams, spicy brown sugar almonds, powered truffles, white chocolate bark with pistachios and cherries and much, much more.

The Salon was wonderful, I think the best yet weirdest thing I experienced was the chocolate champagne. Yes, you heard that correctly. Chocolate champagne. It may sound strange, but I believe it would actually be perfect as a dessert drink for Valentine's day. At any rate, I left sugar stoned, completely full and satiated and with a few treats to share with my friends. I'd call it a successful Saturday!

Enjoy some of the sweet moments below!

Yes, that is chocolate being 3D-printed into "LOVE"

Yes, that is chocolate being 3D-printed into "LOVE"