Seri Resorts - A Pinpoint Oasis in the Middle of Indonesia

Gili Meno, Lombok, Indonesia

It's hot, you're sweating and you've just completed the 2 hour boat ride from Bali over to Gili T. Even despite the sweltering temperatures, you cannot help but be mesmerized by the unbelievable blues and turquoise greens of the vast Balinese sea, stretching as far as the eye can see.

After bargaining your way with the locals, you find yourself on a small motorized boat, cutting into the crisp, clear sea as you head toward's Gili T's smaller and quainter neighbor- Gili Meno. Now, don't go thinking that smaller and quainter is a "less is not more situation-" because trust me, once you come around the bend and see the white balconies and facades of the Seri Resorts- like a beacon of rejuvenating relaxation, brilliant against the tan sand and greenery of the island- you realize that “less really is more” in this quiet and stunningly beautiful oasis. 

Beautiful, tasteful and elegantly understated, the calming clean blues and whites of this resort compliment and mimic its surrounding color palette of the ocean and sky. Situated on the North East side of the island, Seri Resorts boast the facilities and views for the perfect getaway. Complete with a stunning pool, dining facilities (both indoor and outdoor), pool front bar and lofted yoga studio, Seri has anything your heart may desire while on vacay. Whether you're a couple on your honeymoon, best friends traveling through SE Asia, or a wanderer who wants to take a break for a few days- this island compound is the perfect place to do so.

The Resort is equipped with both hotel rooms and adorably quaint beach front cottages. There is something really enjoyable, igniting a kid like excitement in even the most serious travelers of us, in having your own mini house on an island, thousands of miles away from anyone you know. 

Even though the island is quite small, 2 x 1 kilometers, (easily walkable), I recommend a ride in one of the horse drawn carriages. They’re easy to spot and scattered throughout the island; these miniature cuties are too hard to say no to. 

For the nights or days you feel like getting out a bit more, just follow the curvature of where the sand meets the water and you’ll stumble on all sorts of activities- late night bon fires, local music nights, bbq’s, hearty local dining bungalows, and an evening low tide that exemplifies the stunning sunsets. 

A typical day in the life? I recommend sleeping in (or getting up early if that’s your thing), attending one of their yoga classes, breakfast upstairs followed by some beach lounging. When you get too hot, jump in the pool for a cool down or go snorkel and check out the beautiful fish and coral at the forefront of the hotel. Grab an afternoon snack or drink at the bar and be sure to chat up the staff, they are truly some of the nicest and funniest people I met during my Asia excursion and a highlight of my stay. (If you get the chance in the evenings too, keep an eye out for the owner, he is a very humble and charming one who will leave you intrigued with his life story and calming nature). Read a book, take a nap, or go for a walk around the island. Although it is not very big, there are a lot of precious secrets from locals and other venues alike that you can stumble upon. Shower in the open aired bathrooms, dress up for a nice dinner on those iconic white terraces of the resort and enjoy a night on the beach under the stars. If you want a little more action, the other islands of Gili T and Gili Air boast a crazier party scene and are just a short boat ride away.

But if you want a place where you can come, slow down, and just “be” for a minute, this is your stop. I promise, once you see a sunset here, you will never forget it.

For more info and to get in touch with Seri Resorts your next trip, check them out below. 

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Telephone: +62 822 3759 6677


Dusun Gili Meno, Desa Gili Indah, Pemenang, Kabupaten Lombok Utara, Nusa Tenggara Bar., Indonesia


All opinions expressed are my own, my stay was provided by Seri Resorts on Gili Meno, Lombok, Indonesia.