Gluten Free Goodies - Out of Gluten, Milano

Milan, Italy

Living with gluten intolerance in Italy, I'm often asked how I survive in the "country of pasta and pizza-"  filled with glutenous, gluten-filled, carb-o-licious enticements. 

However surprising it may be, Italy, and Milan in particular, are quite aware and relatively well catered towards the celiac and gluten intolerant populations.

As such, while wandering and exploring my city in the last year and a half, I've stumbled onto some of the best gluten free restaurants, bakeries and grocery stores the city has to off.

Out of Gluten is one of my favorites. Situated a few tram stops from my house, the gluten free store boasts a section filled with celiac friendly jams and bread, bookcases of gluten free grocery store items and a beautiful counter filled with sweets and other savory baked goods from their in-house bakery.

Since I didn't develop intolerance until a few years ago, I still know and remember just how good non-gluten free foods taste; so when I come across a place that not only combats that, but makes you forget you are even eating a special dietary, allergy-friendly food, you know the place has done it's job. And Out of Gluten certainly has.

Check out a few snapshots of some of the tiny, tarty, sweets I picked up this week. Enjoy!

Toasted, marshmallow meringue with gramcrack-ery pie crust.  

Cheesecake square with a raspberry jam and glaze and a gram cracker crust.

Top left - lemon marshmallow cake with a sugared, gingersnap base. Bottom right - citrus tart. Bottom left - coffee tiramisu with a chocolate covered coffee bean. Middle - glazed, puff pastry roll filled with cream center.

The perfect afternoon delight- best enjoyed with a steaming cup of Italian coffee.


Next time you're in gluten-free company, or even if you just want some delicious, little treats, check them out. Buon appetito! 

Out of Gluten


Viale S. Michele del Carso, 13, 20144 Milano


Tuesday - Friday : 10 am–2 pm, 3:30–7 pm