Models, Men and Milan, Oh My! - Men's Fashion Week 2016

Milan, Italy

There is something about fashion week in Milan... but it’s more than the beautiful models, the international guests it brings or the gorgeous fashion. There’s a type of nervous excitement, a chaotic creative energy that pulses through the city in every aspect of normally routine life.

Whether you are a lover of “la moda” or could care less, I truly believe there is always something to be said about the inspiration that being around this hub of creative energy and "cult culture" of the fashion world brings. There is something so hungry, so driven, so inspired and so persistent about this industry.

I am a creative, and while I like to think that I dabble in the world of fashion every now and then, it is more the energy that I attend these events to feed off of. There is something incredibly exciting, stimulating and motivating to touch and glimpse upon this crazy world. Whether its the eclectic, international people that I am stimulated by, in culture or language, the unique designs or the after parties; I always feel incredibly blessed to live in this city and be fortunate enough to partake in such fantasies. 

This week is Men’s Fashion Week 2016, in my lovely city of Milan. Today, I attended the show of designer Christian Pellizzari in the beautiful Scalone Aregnario situated in the center of the city, in Piazza Duomo. 

As if the people, clothes and atmosphere were not beautiful enough, Scalone Aregnario is incredibly stunning- an old hall that still boasts well preserved columns, intricately molded ceilings and details dating from centuries ago. Quite the spellbinding place to bridge the modern day fashion world with the historic art and design that inspired it from Italy’s past.

In typical Italian fashion, the show starts about 15 or 20 minutes late. The trendy background music slowly fades and the crowd hushes just as the lights quietly dim. A deep, thumping bass-line pulses through the speakers, under the tiled floors and through the bodies of the eager onlookers.. and then.. it begins...

Here are some snapshots from this afternoon, I hope you enjoy a glimpse at this “chic chic” world and gets some hungry inspiration of your own. ;)